Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exhausted for No Reason

I am rather exhausted today and I have no clue why. I slept until ten this morning which meant that the first thing I had to do was finish the article that I was working on when I went to bed and throw on a load of laundry. I finished the laundry and hung it outside, while it washed I knocked out the article. Now I have stuff soaking in the sink (delicate hand wash) and some things soaking in the washing machine. The whites are in a bleach soak.

I should have checked the weather however. I have a feeling that I may be picking my clothes up out of the neighbor's yard since we are under a wind advisory. I have a feeling that my clothes are going to get dry even with the lower temperatures thanks to the wind.

At the moment I am waiting for clarification to a revision request that I got which made no sense since I followed the directions. Well, I'm going over the changes now and I hear that I have more to do after this one so I best get back to work. I'll update my blogs and do the articles for myself at a later date.

I was really hoping to get farther into this project and reduce the time until I get paid but that doesn't appear to be happening.
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