Thursday, March 15, 2012

IEP, Therapy and Work

There is a lot to do this month. I have to get everything together for the IEP meeting, I began today by taking the questions from the school and going over them with the private therapists. I needed input from my ABA therapist and the private speech. Our private OT was her OT in the school this year and she has already put in the goals for inclusion in the IEP. 

We can all agree that she needs an aid. The speech therapist will have hers for me soon. I needed us all to collaborate so that I could write out the answers to the questions as detailed and clearly as possible. The goal is to ensure that the IEP is detailed and only has to be done once.

I figured out that I need to move my computer. The glare from the windows is too much for me to work through. I have to find a spot that I can charge my computer and hook up my printer with it out of the way when it is not in use.

Now that I"m done with the updates for now, I'll go back to working on getting ready for the meeting. That is if my printer will cooperate since I accidentally turned it off before the job was complete.
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