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House Keeping UGGH

Well, I have two days off and I'm updating blogs and filling out a spread sheet. It's more fun than it sounds really it is. I have a lot of things to do and I am taking advantage of Easter weekend to make sure that I get the house cleaned up and the baby hunting eggs in the morning. I'm cleaning up and making a list of what we need around here at the same time. It's going to take a while, I'll be catching up on the laundry as I go. I haven't had a weekend off in a while and it feels kind of strange.

I'm creating a spreadsheet right now and it's going slowly. There are too many pets in this house right now and I get to chase all of them around as they climb in my lap while I attempt to work and clean the house at the same time during the week.

I am attempting to find storage options for this house to get up everything that there is not room for. It would seem that the more I try to get rid of things the more things that end up in this house. This afternoon, I'll be listening to music as I clean the house. The puppy is once again refusing to eat his freaking food because it's not what he wanted. Stubborn dog. Oh, well I'll mix his with wet food until he decides that he's going to eat what we can afford.

It's time to finish doing laundry so I'll be back later as usual. I'll have more updates whether you want to hear them or not. Tomorrow we will be coloring eggs.
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