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Confused and More Confused

I never know what to do when it comes to figuring numbers with noise around. I know the things I need what I do not know is how to fit them into my ever so limited budget at the moment. It's a bit strange to be so broke yet again.

Another one of those unexpected expenses got me. This time it was tires. Two tires for the front of the car. It caught me off guard even though it shouldn't have and the front end is still shaking. Thankfully not as bad as it was but bad enough it set me back a bit more than I'd like.

The car needs brakes. $150 worth of brakes roughly. That's coming off the top of next month so that they do not go out on me next school year. I'll be sending the baby on the bus, then waiting for her father to get home, then doing my errands because I was pushed to sell my Rodeo. I got tired of the constant repairs of the thing. Sadly if I had not had to constantly repair it I would still have it, but even sadder stripping it would have gotten me more money.

Now I must budget in these expenses to go with the expenses that I am already behind on. The only relief I see in sight is that I will buy a second window unit next month to go in the bedroom. I am cutting expenses and working as much as I can. This means little sleep. I started a handwritten manuscript because my word processor makes me OCD where I have to go correct everything as soon as I make an error.
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