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Preparing to Spend Time in the Heat

Over the next week my little girl is going to get some outside time. We're going to work in the yard and on the back of the house. I've been looking for somethings that I have been wanting for a while. The grass needs cutting something awful yet again. It's going to take forever and a day to get it done. It never gets finished. I have to buy another riding mower but for the moment I have an easy walk. It's time consuming to cut this entire yard with it but it has to be done.

I have an idea of how to keep from having to cut the entire yard. There are raised beds to plant things in that can make it easier to grow things. Well, it makes it easier not to have to weed things. I saw a few but they are all out of my price range at the moment.

This one is cute

but it doesn't actually meet my needs. It's kinda small and I've have to buy a few dozen, the larger ones well they are out of my price range. Then there is the siding I was looking at. This weekend I hope to at some point do a temporary fix for the back porch.

Well, I have some sleep to get so I can have a clear head to figure out the repairs. A new work schedule is in coming up very soon. I'm tired of working the hours no one else will just because I have things to do during the day.
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