Thursday, June 28, 2012

When to Walk Away

There is a time when it is time to walk away whether it is from a relationship or a job. My biggest problem has always been getting people to understand that you do not work for them anymore. Well, it starts with getting them to understand that you do not wish to work for them anymore.

I write for a living. I get paid by the word or by the article depending on the circumstances. I am in desperate need of time off. I have worked and worked for weeks on end staying up late nights that end without adequate sleep and cause me to be rather irritable. I have a ton of things to do that are impossible to do while I am trying to work constantly.

The last two summers I did little work for others and focused on just my work. In fact last summer I did one maybe two projects because of an emergency car repair. I didn't have enough regular income to come up with the money to take care of it. A few months ago I came across a client that runs a writing business. She has different jobs at different rates. The problem is some of the jobs she would take are not worth the money. If I'm going to do something that takes forever at an obscenely low rate I'd prefer to find it for myself instead of having someone find it for me.

I am tired and every time I had planned and had time off agreed upon they keep seeming to forget. This will be remedied soon. I have plans I can not cancel and have had for a long time. It's actually past time that they get done.
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