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Yard Work Never Gets Finished

The summer is bringing a lot of heat at an amazing speed. The yard is already in desperate need of cleaning even though the winter slowed it's growth. The first rains and warm temperatures brought with them an increase in grass, weeds, fire ants and wasps. This means that I used my Kmart rewards points to buy bug spray to fight wasps and fire ants since both are painful pests when you make them mad. The yard is in the process of being cut. Yes, process since there is only a push mower with the easy walk feature to cut it with. It is a bit large and areas that were once clean are now overgrown as a result of the heat and rising gas prices meaning it'll take a couple weeks to get it down where it needs to be. It seems as if the work never gets done.

There are some repairs that have to be done before I can move. The wall has to be fixed on the outside. I am using the boards I have to do it and then siding over them. This is going to be fun to measure and figure out. I am ordering steps, as soon as I find some to suit my needs and buying a hand saw to cut the boards so I don't hurt myself while I do it. I need to fix the doorways where the carpet tacks are exposed. I have no idea how they got exposed and I have to get a box of tiles for the bathroom. I want the wood planks for the bathroom and bedroom since it will connect them. The baby's floor needs to be redone correctly. UGGH, this is going to be fun.

I called myself getting rid of wasps, well it seems I missed a large nest under my back porch. The puppy found it when he under there to lay down out of the heat. They chased him out and about a dozen stung him. He was crying, I went to see where the nest was once I got him in and there was a nest as big as my fist full of the things. Well, we're expecting rain today so I'll be catching up on the work I feel behind on while I was cleaning the yard. Sadly I'm not done with the yard yet.

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