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Aching muscles, clear head

My muscles are aching but my head is clear. I didn't go to the gym, instead I cleaned my house. I found old pictures, letters and a range of other things. The pictures made me wonder if I thought I was eating for twelve when I had my oldest child. The sad part is I miss the ability to buy fingernails more than I care about the fact that I looked like a cow. My nails were neat and painted to perfection because they were purchased at the local store.

I am in the process of cleaning out and organizing my house. There are boxes and bags to get out of the house. The categories are recycling, donating, and trashing. I am trading her books out for ones that are more up to her speed. So far the only toy she's reclaimed is a tiny computer that I thought she had outgrown years ago.

I am tired and soar so I'm slowing down a bit and focusing on organizing and books. The light stuff, especially since it's almost time to go back to work.
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