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Hind Sight

Have you ever looked back at life and decided that if you had done things differently things would be different? I do it some days, and it's fun to come up with different outcomes like the choose your own adventure books. I mean thinking back about high school, college, marriages and kids can be interesting when you look at the choices that you made.

They say that you don't always get what you want because it's not what you need. That guy you dated all through high school, the one you wanted to marry, you broke up and led separate lives. The two of you thought you'd spend your lives together but it didn't work out that way. One day all you had were the memories of the time that you shared together.

It did work out, just not the way that you planned. You moved on with your life and they moved on with theirs. The choices you made along the way shaped each of you into functioning members of society. Maybe you even managed to be friends in the end, after many years of not speaking. That first love was amazing, and sad when it ended. It helped to make you who you are today. It is not to be under valued or written off lightly.

The time that you spend learning is usually the most fun you can remember having as you get older. Family is great, kids keep you young, or is it run you to an early grave? Either way once you have them you wouldn't trade them for the world and that's the only thing that counts.

When it comes to hindsight you always know what you should have done to make things turn out differently......or you know what you should have done to delay the final outcome. When it comes to life it's always best to learn from your past instead of dwelling on it. Save the hindsight for the choose your own adventure series that you write.

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