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Waiting to See How It All Works

OK so a couple days ago we went to have a finger prick to check the kid's vitamin D levels. I'm hoping they came up some because that means I'm actually getting the supplement in her and she's not pouring it down the sink. She has about half a dozen that she takes, it's getting harder to afford them. I meant to discuss the doses with her doctor. We do get to drop the calcium since it is in her diet now that she got milk back.

There is one she gets twice a day that I meant to ask if she couldn't just use once a day in the morning with breakfast. Which reminds me that I need some yogurt or eggs to put it in since it appears to taste better to her in those. Her chew-able vitamins she throws in the floor.

I requested a payoff of $14 yesterday that means I can buy one pack of pull-ups Friday and have money leftover. I am back up to $1 where I requested payout, only $9 to go and I can hit the button for next week. I work based on what I need for payout, then go from there. I didn't have a lot of time this week so I focused on grabbing short 100 word articles that took about two minutes on top of my other work. One source pays weekly, two pay twice a month, one pays once a month. All my promotions are being done by hand at the moment because I do not have $13 to spare.

The varying paydays mean that keeping my expenses in order is vital but I'm getting there. I bought a bar for the door because the dog broke the chain, I also bought a new deadbolt that I need to get the right drill bit for. I saw a saw that I can use to cut the boards I need cut, it's about $14 but it'll do the job, manual labor is required but that's safest for me to use because I don't like risking cutting my fingers off with an electric saw. That and it goes with my refusal to use a lot of gas and stuff. I still want the reel mower.

I do believe if I get my raised flower beds a reel mower will be feasible to prevent grass from getting blow out and into the beds. Well, I have a lot of thinking and a lot of designing to do so I'm going to go think about it.
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