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Books, School and Peace of Mind

OK my book is coming along, nice. I would have been a bit irritated when I found that I lost the page that only had to be copied and pasted into it because it was written to be an "excerpt" of something else within the book. That's fine I can rewrite it from memory, it shouldn't take long at all. It's the only part that I had a clear vision of what it lead to from the start because it's been in my head for years. I have a funny way of remembering things and this chapter in the book could do without this text I suppose but I actually want it in there, with my luck it on the computer that tore up. I still have to see about fixing it for the kid to play games on and to get my video off of.

I have a video of my child reading, or rather showing off her memorization skills since she isn't looking at the book. It is one the computer that tore up, and the therapist can not find the original. That or she hasn't had time to look through her stuff.

Well, since there is a child waiting not so patiently for her turn I guess it's time to go. Tonight after she goes to bed, I give myself three hours to do nothing but write my book.
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