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Count Down Until School Starts

Today means 19 days of summer vacation left for the kid. I'm not ready for it to end, none of it went the way I had planned it but somehow it worked out. We didn't get a vacation, unless you count the fact that we didn't have Occupational Therapy over the summer because we needed a break. We knew that we'd be getting a new ABA therapist, we just weren't sure when. I didn't want to risk learning two new therapists at once.

I did not want to do too much therapy this summer that was forced. Instead we worked on taking turns, reading directions and auditory processing. She has done some writing, tracing actually and writing on her chalkboard. Now we are getting into a new routine on Tuesday mornings that involves getting up early, getting dressed, making sure the car is ready to go and making an 8a.m. therapy appointment. We would also be checking each week until school starts to find out if there has been a speech cancellation within an hour of our ABA appointment ending.

I am pleased with her progress over what will soon (in another month) be three years since we began this journey known as Autism. In the meantime Theresa continues to use PBS Kids to learn, ABC mouse we may or may not keep because of the costs. Yes we are cutting expenses anyway we can right now.

That is a post for Working and Saving. (I'm working on doing what I intended to do in the first place, family on the Writing, Kids and Life......random thoughts here and money issues on Working and Saving. Who knows one day I may abandon all three and attempt to start over but for the moment different blogs instead of one with lots of pages helps a bit.
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