Saturday, August 4, 2012

Playing Along with Flash in the Pan

Keys dangled balanced on her fingers in hopes she could keep them there. The bags were heavy but she managed to get them to the counter top. She was impressed that she did not drop any of them as she pulled out the contents to examine.

The dinner theme was pot luck and she hoped everyone remembered their part. It had come together nicely, now she wanted to end it perfectly.

Oh dear, the knocking at the door came sooner than she thought. Nowhere near ready she did the only thing that she could. Throwing down the apron, she smiled throwing open the door.

“Welcome, make yourself at home.” Unsuspecting of anything they filed in and filled the chairs. This was definitely going to be a night she would not forget, but everyone else would. The company she kept would drastically improve after tonight, no more empty days to fill.

July's limit was 150, this post hits it exactly. The word is company and directions are at the bottom of the post. 
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