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FTP "Mark"

Flashing lights were everywhere, they wondered what was happening. The view was blocked by the buildings so the lights quickly vanished from view. Yells of distress echoed through the streets, but there was no visual, no signs to indicate the imagined catastrophe.

Quickly picking up the pace they hurried to see if they could find the destination of the lights. Winded and sweating they reached the destination. It was as if a target was painted on the side of the building. The bomb squad confirmed they had hit their mark. 

The word is mark, the limit for this posting was 100 words. This post comes in at 90, barely below the limit. Click the link to find official instructions at Red's Flash in the Pan Challenge at 

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Until next time, never listen to the voice that says you can't. Find the voice that says Fuck it I'm doing it.