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FTP: Wake

The evening sun was beginning to dip low in the sky, and the coffee pot was finally making its way to the fire. It was going to be a long night attempting to follow the trail of footprints that was barely visible in the light of day.  The creatures only stirred at night making travel safer.

A few miles down the trail the evidence left in the wake of their visit was a harsh reality. The remains of the village with half eaten corpses let off a stench to putrid to describe in the tracking journal.

The word is wake, the limit for this post according to Red's Flash in the Pan challenge was 125 words. This post is 96 words. Click the link to be taken to the official rules for the challenge.


Red said…
Excellent use of very descriptive words, Laurie. This is excellent imagery. You pulled off the scene and the feeling very well!

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