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All Nighters Yet Again

I'm too old to be forcing myself to stay up all hours of the night to work, but that is exactly what I am doing at this point. Well, on Fridays, Saturdays and the nights of the school holidays. The amount of expenses lately along with the never ending pile up of neglected house work would be finding me seeking more hours in the day.

Recently a vast number of expenses both expected and unexpected have taken their toll on my household. The car for one. It had to have plugs, wires, an idle valve and yet another alternator as a result of the plug and wires not being replaced sooner. This expense could have been avoided had I been told in no uncertain terms they were so bad they were what caused both the alternator and the battery to have to be replaced the last time around.

The expenses causing slight problems is not lost on me.  The fact that school pictures came out for the first of two times this year is not lost on me. $16 for the smallest pack they have. That's $32 a year, and it's working its way into my budget slowly. Funny fact about that. The first of the year the school sent out a schedule so the fact pictures were coming should not have been a surprise. I've got to start writing this stuff down and organizing it better.

In the meantime I'm on a rampage to get the dust out of my house. Recent temperature changes have led to being inside even more and illness is entering my home. I'll be cleaning and sanitizing every possible surface, I may even sanitize my animals. The cold temps remind me it is time for mouse traps since a small, adore though disease carrying mouse has found itself comfortable enough to come out into the open to explore during the day.

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