Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can I get a Break?

The hell that is my life  daily grind that is my life is getting to be a bit much to handle at the moment. I am about to lose it from the stress. I've been trying to reduce expenses for a while. The week has found me attempting to apply to new writing venues  while continuing to work toward the earnings goal that I set for myself this week. At this point in time I would be half way there.

I have another application that I am working on, and it's going to take a while. The last one I put in was turned down. Funny, I've written for them before so I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just stayed there, but it was a rather long time between assignments. Oh, well there are other venues out there.

I'll be slowing down a tad to get the kid to help me clean up a bit, it'll help her organization skills. It's time to buy school pictures again. $16 for a tiny pack, that's big enough for us considering we have two picture taking sessions this year and I can't resist her pictures. It's time to hunt her supplements in gummy form to get her to take them willingly. I can't believe she ever eats when she gets the full dose, she  takes so many that they'd make me full.

Well, I have a house to clean and work to do so I'll be going.
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