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Preparing for 2013

a small piece of my backyard
The grass is dead and a few of the trees would have leaves that changed color and dropped to the ground now, some of them are still hanging on stubbornly. Others would remain green. There is however a lack of trees around the house, the trees closest to it would cause more stress than stress relief. Cloudy overcast skies would be making me a bit sluggish, and I would be starting to plan for next year out of boredom and lack of motivation.

While I dread the unbearable heat of summer I would be missing it as the temperatures are in the fifties. I am not sure why this is the time of year that finds me the least productive when there is less to do outside. I could have the yard cleaned completely with the cooler temperatures. This is not to be, there is grass that still requires cutting, but the cost of gas is outrageous and expenses are mounting.

I have decided to just focus on working enough to cover the main expenses and take a little time to rest and regroup during this time of year that makes me the most restless. I am starting to plan for next year around the remaining expenses of this year. I will not be making breakable resolutions, or any resolutions at all. I will instead be focusing on making me happy and getting rid of everything that causes me stress while making me miserable.
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