Monday, November 19, 2012

Romantic Monday Attempt

OK so Red over at M3  is doing this Romantic Monday thing. I figured I could try. She did something a bit unusual today, and I'm not all that sure I have Romance in my nature. I prefer reality to roses, chocolates and innuendo when not offered for comedic affect. Either way I'm attempting it. So here goes.

The chiming of the doorbell had awakened her from a daydream. The nervous delivery boy had a box, plain and absent of identifying marks. This did not stop her from knowing instantly what it was or who it was from; she tipped him, thanked him and closed the door in his face before he could reply.

She sat the box on the back patio and went in to grab a cup of hot chocolate with a little Southern Comfort. The blend was not one that most would enjoy but her taste had never been considered streamline with the rest of the world. Staring at the box as she held the warm cup in her hands was all that she could muster for a time. The morning silence was enough to calm her nerves to the point of opening the box.

The contents were all carefully wrapped, and one by one she took them out; taking the time to cherish each flash of memory that came with them she smiled until she stumbled upon the album that she had long since forgotten. Staring at the cover as she mindlessly rubbed the inscription her memory came back full force. Flowers littering the isle, tall and handsome in his uniform, the moments they stole between deployments. He had been her only one, and now the years they spent were all crammed into a box. Her days were numbered but she knew at the end of them she would find him once again.
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