Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday's Plans

Today is Saturday, or it will be when this goes live. The hope for today? Well that would be to make it to the library with that short kid, provided she feels well enough and get her a library card before her field trip next month. They are going to the library as part of the trip. It's all local so she'll be close and actually get to go places in this town I've never bothered to go, like the art museum. Of course that could be because I didn't realize we had one. What? This place is so boring you don't think of it having anything half resembling culture. There are some restaurants downtown that I'm tempted to try but parking is awful for them. 

Provided my will to get up and go to the laundromat was not good yesterday, I'll be forcing myself to do that today. I will not be taking all of the clothes though. Just the kids, some towels, bath clothes and a few of ours. I have to wash a comforter and that's going to take half the drying budget so they clothes gets to come home to hang out. It's not convenient to drive to through with wet clothes hoping that nothing goes wrong but it saves me a bit of money at the laundromat. 

I have to invest in an extra large washing machine so I can do the comforters at home without overloading the machine. I'm exhausted from all the back and forth but it might be worth it. 

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