Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Reason I Write for A Living

I write for a living so I can stay home and set my own schedule. It's rather challenging at times to fit enough hours in the day, but the reason I want to stay home is certainly a good one.

what do you mean it's not a hat?

I am home so that I can care for the numerous needs of this adorable little one. She is my youngest, and she is autistic. (Ignore the date, it's wrong. She hadn't even been conceived yet.)
Why do I write?
  • I don't care for the traditional workforce. I've worked in it and there was always someone that didn't half do their job, and getting days off when things were actually important took an act of congress. No one listens to what you need.
  • The pay isn't always comparable to the work, that's true no matter what you do.
  • There is a sense that if you answer the phone on your day off you are supposed to say yes to their need whether they attempt to meet yours or not.
I think my kid is far more important than working just because someone else doesn't want to. Well, it's dusty in here and I'm still on a rampage to get it cleaned up.

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