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Budgeting Money and Time

Time is something I have little of, almost as little of as I have money. I have decided to dedicate myself to increasing the efficient usage of my time. I am writing a book, and outlining another since the original idea went down the toilet.

I read something about someone fixing their own washer recently and have decided to see if I can fix my dryer myself. I don't use it regularly, but I do have a few items that require dry cleaning. It is cheaper to dry clean yourself than to drop it off for professional care. I can save a tad of money there and my light bill won't go up a great deal. (I haven't used the dryer in ages.)

I have no choice but to attempt to fix it myself, auto repairs are taking a toll. Something else goes wrong after the last problem was fixed. I would be taking crash courses in automotive diagnostics, gaining patience to do repairs myself if worse comes to worse and doing construction. I want a vacation with no end to the work in sight.

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