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Eliminating the Negative

People unfortunately are unavoidable unless you manage to live completely off the land in some remote area growing your meals, making your own clothes and firing shots at those that would intrude upon your space. This reality is not feasible for most, although the idea of building a large brick wall hundreds of feet high with electrical wire and barbed wire to top it is growing increasingly appealing.

What I've noticed recently is a trend for some to believe the world revolves around them and thier children. Heaven forbid you should remind them they have options or ask them questions without tailoring them to the two year old mentality of the world revolving around them that they are so deluded with. Coping with little time while asking simple questions is met with hateful responses that you have done nothing to deserve, and heaven forbid you take offense to said hateful response. You could after all have been rude from the start and just pointed out that those stares they recieve while in the store is because people are thinking "that kid should be in an institution" and "heavens has she ever disciplined that little brat in thier life."

In an effort to be nice you offer options and never once point out that while they were busy whining and wanting the world to revolve around them they were the reason thier kid hadn't made progress. It does afterall take a ton of energy and time to think the entire world is out to get you, and that the small few you've decided aren't should baby and burp you as you cry about it.

Now for lack of anything non-obscene left to say I'll be going. There are negatives to eliminate.

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