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Holiday Vacation Not Actually A Vacation

The school week ends at mid day on Friday to start the Christmas vacation. It is not a vacation for us. We have dentist, doctor and speech appointments. I rarely get a vacation that is a vacation, and even rarer a day off that is not due to illness. In between Christmas and appointment my youngest child has a birthday, the oldest birthday has already past and my step child's is in January. Meanwhile I had neither gas nor postage to get my oldest her birthday present, and Christmas is slim for her. Sure she has grandparents that will buy her tons, she's a hard little thing to buy for. The baby has people that are buying her stuff, and she's sure to love it because they know her better than her grandparents ever imagined knowing her.

I do believe that I have everyone where they should be. There has so far only been one Christmas/Birthday card, whatever it was returned unopen to people far to ignorant to comprehend the meaning of the words "no contact" but there ignorance is not fully my problem. I'm just bitchy determined enough to file charges if they persist in contact.

Well, ranting about them isn't getting these pages organized, allowing me to copy old post and move them hear to get rid of excessive blogs.
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