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Not According to Plan

Well, of course nothing went as planned but that's fine too. There were pre-birthday cupcakes, Christmas presents, an inbetween Christmas and birthday present and the false start on the cake. Then there were the birthday presents, after speech because of course given a choice the short kid wanted to go see her speech therapist on her birthday. ;)

Everything was put out only to discover there was no vegetable oil left. No problem just means that we wait for it. Well, get the oil then we have dinner first, I nearly fell asleep before I baked the cake.

Triple Chocolate Fudge with pudding in the mix and vanilla frosting! The writing was green as per the short kid's request.

The baby is six years old now. I can't believe it, it seems like it was just yesterday that she was brought home from the hospital. Every year goes by a little bit faster. Here's hope 2013 goes by extremely slowly.
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