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The written off Laptop

OK so I'm not doing the work I should be doing at the moment. I have two laptops on my desk, one is running scans and the other is downloading software for scans, and updating its scanning software. It occurred to me that my kid has been using my computer constantly and that my old laptop was sitting in a drawer where I had virtually written it off lacking the funds to have it fixed for her. The thing was making a horrid noise and overheating when I wrote it off and used my tax refund to buy a new one so I could continue to work.

I finally began reading other blogs and read about someone that had found a large dust bunny in thier daughter's computer. I decided it could not hurt to take it apart and look at least, so that's exactly what I did. The computer in question is now running without overheating. The only problem is that it is still in need of a keyboard, and my stuff has to be gotten off of it.

That is the next surprise for the kid. The pictures will be posted when the project of getting it child friendly is complete.

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