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Cramming It All Into a Day

Ever get the feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done? I have that feeling all the time. The list never seems to come to an end, and there are constantly additions being made.

The last post I did about list ended up having an interesting suggestion that the list be on two seperate sides of the page. Work and home are seperated, with work taking priority. That makes sense, I have to make a living. That's just not going to well for me to have both sides where I can see them, maybe in time.

Little things tend to come up and derail plans. The visit to the doctor, well they were behind so we got to our appointment about an hour late and ended up seeing someone else. We were slightly late for our next appointment. It was fine, I had sense enough to check if they could tell us approximately how much longer it'd be and was able to let the next appointment know we'd be a little bit late.

The dog isn't feeling well, so he's getting special care at the moment. I decided that I did not have enough to do and am taking a few classes. I should have known better than to take two that start within a week of each other when the reading on the first is something that I can't read without falling asleep. Uggh.

Top it off with the second course I signed up for starting and having to select the learning level. The most basic takes the least amount of time, but does not offer a certificate of completion. I cannot access the textbook, too many people viewing it every time I try. Uggh. The videos take up an hour for the first two posted, and the resources two hours. Oh well, I'll just do the reading for this week for the first course until I can access it by then I'll have decided on the learning level.

Well, time to go to work, and virtual class.

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