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Derailing the Lists

Lists are a constant factor in my life since I would work from home. I have to have some way to seperate work life from home life, I mean otherwise I would go nutty.
There are days when I lose it and attempt to seperate the work list from the home list; the result is that there are two list laying around taking turns getting lost.

One Long List

I tend to do one long list, for the purpose of not losing the list. It sits on my desk in front of my computer so I can mark off work as I go. The only time this is a real problem is when I accidentally cover it with the notes for work to make sure I'm on track with whatever assignment I'm doing at the moment.

There are days when the list is so long it rolls over into the next day, I have been known to make lists for the entire week. Call it the control freak in me but when things are to be repeated on a daily basis I put tiny boxes beside them to check them off for the day.

Rolling over work items to the next day is something I try desperately to avoid since it makes life a bit harder. I have income goals, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Then there are the dream goals, but that's another story.

Focusing on Work

The focus is the largest problem when there are only so many hours in the day to get things done. Working online creates a big advantage, you do not have to worry if you forgot anything you simply stop and grab it. It creates a huge disadvantage as well, you are home.

What is the largest distraction working from home? Do spouses and children interrupt so often you find yourself staying up late just to finish or have quiet time? Do you have to stop to do a nagging chore? 

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