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I'm completely exhausted but that's fine. I figured out an hour per class per day maximum. Then four hours of working time on something. What I have no idea, but I am determined that the amount of time spent picking up after creatures in this house is less than an hour a day. 

I am hoping that the dog does not make it a habit of waking me up at 3:30 in the morning. He is getting rather spoiled but his need for constant attention is increasing the amount of exercise I get each day. I'm getting better at doing two things at once. 

Right now I'm listening to lectures as I write this. I'll get just as much out of it as if I sit and watch the entire thing instead of just listening. I prefer to read the slides for the lecture at my own pace, it's less time consuming and I actually retain more of it. I can also do the dreaded house cleaning while I listen which means that all I have to do is listen as I perform the mindless tasks of picking up the kid's toys and the things the dog drug into the floor. Win, win. The only thing I can't do is vacuum while I listen to them.

I have two classes that are alike, and I've already discovered that the material for one will help answer the questions for the other. So that's like  only taking a single class. Not too much work there, the assignments appear to be similar so that's a plus as well. 

At some point I would need to get all of my notes over to the computer since I wrote them out by hand the first time. I temporarily forgot that I've been typing so long that my handwriting is horrible. I don't know when I'll be able to get them all into the computer but the fact I took them means I retained part of it. Given there is only one class that does not have slides available of the lecture, it's the only one I have no choice but to listen to, the others I can read the slides for!

Well, that's it for todays annoying updates. See you soon. Do you prefer to read it or hear to learn it?

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