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Figuring It Out!

Being easily confused when you're overwhelmed is not unusual, but when you figure it out that feeling is amazing!

Recently having been overwhelmed trying to fit everything into the day I fell back  into a routine that was rather chaotic, now I'm in the process of settling happily into my new routine. The changes are less stressful than they were and I know that I can accomplish easily what I set out to do. First things first in order of importance.

The Short Kid

Tummy all better! Now to return to monitoring her diet so she's only getting small portions of the things that though she loves them make her tiny stomach ache horribly if she has too much. That won't take long, just a few minutes to check the labels in the store when I pick up the food. 

Book Writing and Working

Well, after much confusion as I tried to edit what I had already written I decided to write parts of them on paper so the ideas could form more easily. This means I can simply put them in my binder then type up the pages once I get them edited to my satisfaction. The poetry book would be started in a spiral notebook, and will go through some editing. 

Work would occur until the ideas for my book come into my head, then it is paused.


Video lectures would be listened to as I clean house, or work on something else. Preferrably the slides are read as I do something else like clean out my desk or go back and forth reading just enough to digest and think about while I make a list of things to do or work on something else. 


I cannot file them until I get all of the information that I need in order to file them. I'll be filing them as soon as my paperwork is all here, and I will be (hopefully) getting direct deposit of them so I can see what I have and don't have. There are a lot of things to do this year, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to see a refund this year that is enough to help.

Well, that's as far as I've gotten. I'll bore you with the savings plans later. 
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