Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frightened (75)

Keys, where were the keys? Amber had no idea; she was going to leave if she had to go on foot. She heard a gunshot and momentarily froze. The shots got closer; Amber grabbed a screwdriver jamming it in the ignition.

Speeding off into the night she was certain that they could never find her. Fleeing was far better than letting them know she was frightened.

Are the gunshots for Amber? Where did she learn to use a screwdriver like that? Why is she frightened? Who is she fleeing from?

The word is frightened, the limit was set at 75 words. This post comes in at 66; click the link to go to M3 and find official rules to make the third addition of  Flash in the Pan. The first  edition is available for free.
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