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No Idea

Yeah, I've got no idea what I am doing, except changing the color of the text that you see as you are reading this. I am making schedules (mico-detailed) to account for the hours in each day that I spend awake even as I watch my "to do list" become less than half completed each day even as I par it down to next to nothing. 

I signed up for more classes, it's a personal benefit thing. Provided I don't exhaust myself to the point of collapse I should improve my time management skills, or fall flat on my face on all counts. Oh, well life happens while you're busy making other plans, it'll be alright in the end. 

I have five flashes left to write, everytime I start I get interrupted but that's ok too. They'll be up soon enough. I managed to convert my Pinterest to a business page, easy as pie. I am learning to use open office Impress, for no other reason than I need a Powerpoint type program for one of my classes. My powerpoint is on my old computer. Figures. This program is getting on my nerves.

The food diary project for one of the classes led to the decision to continue tracking what I eat. I have no idea at the moment why I am continuing the torture but I am sure in the end I see a reason. Maybe some of the other courses will require it and I'll be ahead, damned if I know.

So what do you think of the blue text? The red background was hurting my eyes, so maybe white with blue text will work? Or I could play with the text. Anyway chaos awaits!

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