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No Title Required

There are days when writing won't lend itself to a specific title. This is where all the "Untitled" works come from most days. These are the days when the thoughts even though organized will not lend themselves to be given a title.

Writing for a living often means researching subjects to gain insight. Spending weeks doing nothing but research endangers creativity. The mind develops a block that is hard to get past. The need to produce can override the need for the writing to make sense some days.

When you have no idea what you are going to write from day to the next it gets more difficult. Designating projects for yourself sometimes does little to help. The idea of scheduling out the time spent writing is foreign to some; unless they have deadlines to get things done and appointments to work around.

I would be working on writing a few books right now, three actually and while I am starting to get better at setting time aside to work on them each day there are some days that all I do is make notes about them. The deadlines I have set for myself are tenative. I hope to have at least one ready for beta by the end of February.

I know that I set aside time to write the flashes for the third edition of Flash in the Pan. Those aid in clearing the mind, it's reducing my wordiness too. Until next time, have a great day.
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