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Sheduling Considerations

Monday and Thursday each week I automatically get just over an hour break during lunch time. This is a direct result of volunteering at the my child's school. I simple read a book with her and another one of her classmates (a different child each week or so) and give them a test on the book. The tests are predesigned on the computer, all they have to do is remember what they read.

The morning of these days is spent doing quick task to tie up loose ends. The afternoons are spent with more loose ends while I wait for the school bus. Monday afternoons find us in speech therapy; this is my second break that day. The speech therapist is one of the kid's favorite people in the world and I have no concerns of the baby coming out with bad habits. I've even been known to run ultra quick errands during this time.

Writing for a living, I work from home. There have been some scheduling interruptions that have been taken care of during the last few years. No longer do I have unannounced, univited guests popping up while I am in the middle of attempting to meet a deadline. The achievement of this small, helpful accomplishment is one that I will spare the details of as they are far from pretty.

This has led to an increased amount of productivity during daylight hours. That is for the things that I wish to write, the things that I do not are falling by the wasteside. I am not sure why or even when it happened but I have noticed a lack of desire to write when the mood does not suit me. I am not sure why but that is the way things work for the moment.

Lately I would spend more time reading what others have written and socializing with online friends that doing much of anything else. Well, I seem to have lost the entire point, so until next time I'll be going.

Do you ever stop in the middle of a thought and forget where it was going? That could explain why I cannot focus a bit right now.


Red said…
I do not think you lost your point. I think you do not realize it was the point. When you lack the desire to write, you will not do it well. Perhaps, you should read Mantra's Scold one more time. She puts into rhyme precisely what you are saying here. Socializing is good for your communication skills. xxx
Unknown said…
I should commit it to memory!

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