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It's amazing how time passes before you realize it. The things that you take for granted are often the ones that vanish before you know it. Things that you dread seem to take forever. The older you get the faster time seems to move. Vacations from school always seemed to fly by the fastest as a kid, and now that the baby is in Kindergarten, they fly by even faster than they did then. December 21, 2012 the baby got out of school at noon to start her Christmas vacation.

The vacation ended January 3, 2013. A total of approximately 12 1/2 days. It's also tax time again. I left the tree up longer than usual this year, not ready to take it down for some reason. I did however take the air conditioners out of the windows, they haven't been used in a while because of the weather, and the fact the weather stripping was never put on the outside of them was allowing a large gush of cold air beside them.

The winter temps are a bit much for me as it is, and the additional breeze is not welcomed at all. The heat staying in the house will be; the temperature as I write this is all of 43 degrees.

The time between repairs and unwelcomed expenses is getting shorter and shorter. The car had a flat this morning, there was a screw in the tire. $5 to fix it. That means it's time to start thinking of buying new tires again. It seems like it was just done but since the tread is wearing it wasn't. The oil needs changing and it's about time to think about summer vacation.

Well, time is passing quickly today and I have to make an effort to get back to work. Good day.
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