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WIP excerpt

The men were terrified that the creature would return to finish the job. The intensity of the damage was far to much for them to comprehend at the late hour. Houses appeared to be little more than tinker toy sets stepped on by a tantruming child. Large patches of bare land were assumed to be footprints from the creature as the search team struggled to maintain composure in the wake of the destruction. No survivors had been found; this did not promise to be different. 

Radio broadcast continued to warn of the impending danger, evacuations are encouraged but to where no one knows. The main highways have long since been blocked, virtually destroyed leaving deep valleys that the most skilled climbers would not attempt even with proper gear. The wreckage that lay strewn at the bottom of the valleys created a fire hazard to say the least. The explosive nature of the devices in the areas could only be compared to the bombing of  Hiroshima so long ago; the mutations a direct result of radiation. 

Maria had been found on the edge of a valley, at five she was something other then they had expected to find. The child was as full of answers as she was questions; intelligence tests had not been made to measure this child's intellect. Accurate testing appeared non-existant for the child as the group of scientist felt inadequate in the presence of her knowledge. Identifying remains was not something that a typical child did, but Maria was proving to be far from typical. The child already had knowledge of the detailed workings of the machinery scattered along the paths and what it did for what purpose.
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