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Finally the Sun is Out

The sun has finally come out and hopefully it is here to stay. A night of uninterrupted sleep has me feeling much better this morning, and that is something I am truly thankful for.

The last week or so saw my mind unable to comprehend as a result of illness. Last week when they sent the baby's folder home there was a page in it that I did not understand the instructions for, yesterday it was in the homework folder. Well, that was my duh moment; it was so simple that it was pathetic I did not get it the first time.

The Headache

My child's father at 40 something has finally decided that he wants to learn how to budget. The biggest problem is I gave up on teaching the concept of an inability to spend more than you make years ago. The amount of frustration at attempting to explain the concept of paying the bills and getting what you need BEFORE you went to buy what you wanted gave my blood pressure more than a slight rise, so I did what I'd done for years I simply took care of everything and IF (big if) there was anything left I gave a treat. When income allowed he got an allowance that of course he always blew like a teenager.

Given that he is one of those people that hears approximately three words and begins talking over you these lessons will have to be written. The fact that he only reads what he wants to see and has a fit means that the lesson has to get harder, possibly allowing him to lose whatever without bailing him out. 

Little Things Add Up

His amounts for the things he needs are unrealistic, and the concept of a little at a time is as lost on him as the concept of it adds up. Tell him he can't afford beer (doesn't need it really with his blood pressure and the medications he is actually supposed to take it could kill him), and he says it's only $3. The fact that in an emergency that $3 could buy two packs of cheap baby wipes with change left, or one pack of the generic counterpart to the decent ones with enough left to air up the tires is lost on him. 

In a real emergency it'll put enough gas in the tank to get you home and back to the station in the event of a low fuel light. It will fill the tank on the lawnmower enough to cut immediately around the house. The list goes on but you have the idea, and chances are you know one of these eternal teenagers. 

Good Financial News

The tax refund mailed yesterday! I would have preferred direct deposit by he is not on my bank account for good reason. He is king of "but the ATM gave me money so I must have had the money in the account."

He is still unaware the extent of the damage he did because he has no clue to reality and probably never will have. Well, I have a ton to do today and really need to start taking advantage of the sunshine while I can, provided I don't sink in the yard or get distracted by something shiny. 

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