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Happiness (150)

The last of the boxes were placed on the moving truck and Anna pulled the door closed. She took a last look at the house, resisting the urge to go in and check for things left behind. This day was one that she had waited years to come; she never wanted to be here.

Anna’s ex-husband was domineering, he had proved he never cared by ripping their daughter away from her. The biggest hurt came when her mother helped him. Now she truly had no reason to stay, she gave away most of her things and saved up until she could pay cash for a house.

Anna climbed in the driver’s seat and turned the key. Falling on her face was not an option but she was sure that happiness would no longer elude her. 

Where is Anna going? Why isn't she staying to fight? Has she given up? Is she ever coming back? What is going to bring her happiness?

Today's post is a result of the M3 Flash in the Pan challenge for the third edition. The word is happiness, the limit was set at 150 words. This post comes in at 135 words. Click the link to find the official rules, and participate to be included in FTP's third edition. 

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I can remember that I used to get excited about the holidays but that was a long time ago. I was a kid and family still enjoyed a home cooked meal made mostly from scratch. The thought of going out to eat or buying frozen dumplings never crossed anyone's mind. I miss those days more than anyone could ever imagine.

Now I prefer to spend the holidays alone with the daughter that I have with me. I'd love to spend it with both of them but that's not always possible. This year I'm taking my youngest to my mother's and hubby is going with his parents to their family. Someone is cooking, I have no idea who. All I know is that they're huggy people and I'm not.

Well, I'll be going now, I have nothing else to ramble about.

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