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Intoxicated (100)

"Did you see the way he stumbled in here?"

"Yeah, why is he here anyway?"

He stopped short of the door on his way out and hit the floor. The necklace fell out of his shirt for everyone to see. A closer look revealed that he was not intoxicated as they had thought.

If he's not intoxicated what's wrong with him? Why do they assume he is drunk, is he falling down or did he merely trip on something? Who's talking? Where is he that everyone would stop to stare?

The word is Intoxicated the limit for this post was 100 words, this one comes in at 53 words. Follow the link to find the rules.


Red said…
He is at a party, ate a decadent dessert someone told him was sugar-free, went into diabetic shock and passed out.

I hate ppl who lie about things which are and are not sugar-free. Sweetners put me into a coma.
Laurie Beall said…
It's amazing how some people don't think about those little things and how important they could be.

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