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Rainy Monday

It's Monday and it's raining, so Rainy Monday it is. I am still sick, so I am staying in today I will go to the school tomorrow instead, and asked the speech therapist to call if she has a cancellation later in the week.

I would give into the urge to go lie down but since I have been coughing things up today I believe sitting up serves me the best. Instead of sleeping I am sitting at my desk thinking of the long soak in the tub I will indulge in once I have the energy to get up and find a change of clothes. Nice and hot with a scented candle and hopes that I do not set myself on fire.

I have managed to enroll in some more courses. They are all spaced out as to minimize stress and overlap while giving me something just for me. There is no chance of being sabotaged since there is no way anyone can cause problems that will derail my plans. 


The tax refund should be here shortly, and soon I will do the state taxes. The state amount is small enough it can wait. I have a few things to take care, then we all need a couple things and the rest is being set aside.

My entire budget is being redone to meet some goals I set, and I am beginning the process of typing up my latest WIP today. A couple of them went back to note form, and will be put in the word processor by the end of the week to see how much progress has been made on them. 

Well, my tub is calling me and I cannot resist it any longer. 


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