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Sunday Evening

Well, this week has been one of sickness, confusion and in the end playing catchup. I managed to get my foggy mind to work long enough to find someone that had been out of contact for a while. It was my duh moment.

I have found that in order to get my next book done by the time I want it done, I have to begin typing it now. In order to get the next two out together I have to write them, without disgaurding them as I type up this one. I figure that I type faster than I write so that's the easy part.

I can manage an hour a day for them total. The typing a half hour each day, more since it only requires I open a new screen, I'm aiming to have it typed up completely before the 15th of March. I am aiming to have the other two written by the first of April.

I changed my courses to aim for one at a time, I can comprehend them better that way while still doing something I want to do. It is strange to me how I can stay up all day and to about five the next morning and still not sleep the entire day through. It seems it wasn't that long ago that stay up just two hours longer meant that I was out the entire day and the entire night that followed provided I had that luxury available. Now I drink pots of coffee, the caffiene does wonders. 

In a few weeks I hopefully have things I don't want or that I don't need thrown out and be able to begin storing up things I do need, at a reduced costs to prevent having to purchase them for a couple months. The goal is to build my savings account up for an emergency fund, then build up a seperate account for a bit of added security. 

OK I have editing to finish, I'll be back.
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