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Time for More Therapy UGGH

It would seem that my child did not meet a couple of January benchmarks so she is not currenlty on track for promotion to the first grade in those areas. Her IEP overrules this is she manages to successfully complete it. Still the skills are those that she has mastered elsewhere, at least one of them is which would mean that she either refused to do it for the tester (she did not know them) or she is not generalizing the skill. 

We have faced a lack of generalization before and conquered it, we can conquer this one. The tricky part is making sure what we use is portable or naturally found in the environment around us so that she transitions it to the real world as well as to the setting that she is being tested in. 

Beginning sounds are ones that we've worked on and worked on. The sounds in the middle and the end we could hit more often than we do. That is the problem with breaking things up into sections to teach them. There are things hit to often and things not hit often enough while some are completely overlooked. 

My child's therapy has been reduced since we first started. We now have OT in the school once a week, speech in school twice a week and outside of school for one to two times a week depending on the week. We have dropped ABA completely due to the cost, speech has been reduced from five, then four days a week due to gasoline expenses and OT is no longer seeing her out of school in addition to the time spent with her in the school sytem. ABA is not offered in the school. She does go to the special education class twice a day to reinforce what she has learned in the classroom, and they have technology that she adores.

The technology at home she adores? The laptop and the gaming console. Flashcards and books give them competition and that's good. OK time to go schedule more tiem to drill the kid while she's still allowed to be a kid. Stupid autism, if you could remove it like you do when you change clothes she's just be a gifted child.

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