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What Should I Write About?

I write for a living, and would recently have ventured into the world of writing books. Finishing them and having them on shelves for purchase, I am rather proud of this accomplishment. 

Work is going a bit slow, the ideas for my articles are coming slower than they used to, and I am not seeing anything that I wish to write to or about. That is something that has only happened in the past when a difficult client stressed me out to the point that I severed ties with them. 

I would rather write things that have my name on them. I'm a bit picky that way, for this reason I avoid writing things for others that I actually care to write in most cases. I have a number of ideas running through my head. The ideas are to broad as they stand and could be broken up into several articles. In an effort to avoid a thirty page article, I would be trying to write the individual articles. I figure that if I can't manage that I can write that long article and break it down into smaller articles.

The topics? Well, I'll wait to tell you than until after I write the articles. I would be in the middle of budget rearranging and that has led to a new obsession, or rather resurfacing of an old obsession. Cutting costs, and building savings. I'm stingy, I don't like it when my money leaves me and I can't stand bills. 

I no longer have a landline phone, haven't in years. OK this eliminates that monthly bill which is a plus. I have a cell phone that I use on average less than two hours per month. Most months I still pay the $33 for 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and some Internet access (very limited) to only use about two hours of talk time, texts for communicating with therapists so I don't interrupt the sessions they have and check email and facebook.

I want a new phone company, one with flex plans where I can change the plan at anytime. I have that now, what I do not have is enough coverage area not to drop calls. I want a phone with apps on it. I don't know why I do I just do. That means buying a new phone, I don't want to buy a new phone, but I would love one with app capabilities and a full keyboard. 

OK I lost track of the purpose so I'll be going now.Until I can focus on a topic for work in order to earn money I would have no choice but to par expenses.

Have you met the evils of lack of motivation working from home? Do you find yourself bored in the traditional workforce or do you work from home and find there are days when you long for the traditional workforce?

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