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Alive (100)

Sammy was sitting on the couch with his beloved puppy wondering why he had ever agreed to move back home. The boredom on any given day was enough to make him wish he'd stayed in the streets; living in a car wasn't ideal, but he didn't have to answer to anyone.

Sure, it'd been rough, but he was sure that he had never felt freer in his life. Now he was certain that this could actually be an existance; he didn't even feel alive most days. He began wondering if he'd ever return to the life he craved.

Does Sammy really wish he was still in the streets? Would he really return to them to prevent boredom? Will he take the dog if he does?

The word is alive, the limit was set at 100 words, this post comes in at 99 words. Click the link to find out what I'm talking about. 


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