Saturday, March 16, 2013

Aroused (100)

Phoenix had worked for months to achieve a new identity. Now it seemed the efforts had been in vain. She could not stay here and risk being found out, her life depended on moving on.

The sheriff’s curiosity had been aroused by a single letter. It would not be long before he figured out she was a fugitive; it was time to move on; she could not take the time to tell anyone goodbye.

Why is Phoenix a fugitive? Who sent the letter that made the sheriff suspicious? Was the letter sent to the sheriff or did he find it accidentally? Would staying put Phoenix's life in danger or simply send her to prison?

The word is aroused, this offering comes in at 74 of the 100 word limit. This offering is brought to you by the Flash in the Pan challenge from the M3 blog; click on the underlined words to find the details.

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