Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ashamed (100)

A stack of newspapers lay on the table so that guests could easily grab one as they entered the classroom. The headlines would be the day’s topic of discussion.

His suit was perfectly pressed as he stood before them waiting to see if any of them would come forward to admit they had played a part in the creation of disaster that was the headline. He felt himself becoming ashamed to have them in his orbit as he realized that all of them were involved but none of them were going to own up to what they had done.

What did the headlines hold? Is the entire class really in on the creation or is he paranoid? Will any of them own up to the part they played in the headlines?

The word is ashamed, this post is one word under the 100 word limit coming in at 99 words.this post was inspired by the M3 blog and its Flash in the Pan challenge. Click the link in order to find the instrustions.
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