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Obsessed with having things a certain way on the checklist I printed out lined check list that I can cut in half and staple without messing up the way they lay on top of each other. 

I have already managed to complete two of my tasks and have a couple more in progress. I let the laundry soak a minute before finishing it so it is fine while I write this post. I began a new class yesterday and found that I had to write down the things for it or I'd lose them all together. 

The class does not appear to be complicated applying principles used regularly in daily life but it is rather rough in layout to my mind. Oh well, I have another one starting next week, and a couple more that will overlap it before the end of the course. 

I am resisting the urge to drop it without giving it a chance merely based on the appearance and my lack of ability to find the grading structure. OK I'm done for now, back to the checklist.

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Starting Over. Again.

Life never goes the way we plan and that's okay. We just had a major change that I tried and tried to plan for only to have my plans fall apart every. single. time. It was when I stopped with the obsessive planning and pulling my hair out that it all came together. We're doing pretty good while we make the adjustment to home. Here's hoping that we'll be completely back on track soon.

Until next time, never listen to the voice that says you can't. Find the voice that says Fuck it I'm doing it.

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