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Getting Ready for the Weekend

It's Thursday which means that I am getting ready to spend the weekend working all night long. It's a must to ensure that I meet my self imposed deadlines. Today there is a trip to the school for AR with the kid. 

Tonight will be the last night until Sunday that I see my bed before midnight. Friday and Saturday I will be up into the morning just to make sure that I get what I want accomplished accomplished. 

There will be no social media or instant messaging while I work, any post I make will be done during the few minutes each hour I allow my mind to reboot. The breaks will be brief. Next week, I begin trying my hand at author interviews. 

I've read some amazing books lately and met some amazing people, so I'm going to see just how many of them I can get to come talk to me. OK until next time I'm going to see how much more I can knock off today's list of things to do.
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