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Interview with Laurie Childree

I was thinking things over and wondering what to do next. I found that I had a lot of questions. With one book published, two contributing author credits and a new book due out on the first of April, I figured I had better start asking and getting the answers before they multiplied.

Hi! I have to tell you that is a pleasure to have myself here today. The first thing I would like to know is, why did you write Moments, Money & Memories?

The original idea was actually rather different, but after losing the manuscript a number of times I thought it was lost. I had written poetry for years, so I decided to put it all together and see what appeared. 

Are you driven by a muse or do you write poetry because it is on your to do list?

Muse, definitely. I can put writing poetry on the to do list, but it ends up unaccomplished. I'll just sit and stare at a blank page without a thought one to turn into a complete work. Forcing poetry makes it stilted, loses the meaning and leaves you with garbage.

Interesting, how exactly does your muse make itself known?

Oh sure, ask something likely to get me fitted for a straight jacket (laughing). Actually, like most poets I can here the words in my head as the poems form.  Strangely enough in my own voice. I just start writing and don't stop until the thoughts won't come to me anymore.

Given that you write until the thoughts stop, and it is inspired do you believe that poets should have editorial input from outsiders?

Oddly enough I do, and for more than the simple typo. It's about creating a feeling, and sometimes the words have to be toned down, revved up or cut out all together to achieve it. It helps you to grow in your creativity.

How much has your poetry evolved over the last decade?

A ton, it is no longer censored in the least. Well, not while I write it anyway, I am still a bit picky about what I allow others to see and when. Timing is everything.

So you have a vision in mind when you assemble the poems for inclusion. The first time you read your book as a book, how did it change the way you look at your body of poetry?

Seeing the works put together as a book was a bit of a shock. I was used to simply writing whatever came to mind, it never occurred to me that there were themes in the work. 

You have a new book coming out April 1, 2013. Is it a book of poetry as well?

Yes, Observations, Obsessions, Oddities flips the coin over. That's all I can tell you at the moment. You'll have to wait on the details until it hits the shelves.

 Until next time, you can find Moments, Money & Memories at Redmund Productions. Be sure to check it out, and come April first look for Obsessions, Observations, Oddities. 


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