Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday's Ramblings

Yet another week has passed, and I survived it. The schedule was rearranged a bit but it all worked out in the end.

The amount of productivity last week was limited to the weekend. Specifically an all night session during a weekend that left me exhausted for a week; the realization that some people do not comprehend English though they were born speaking it; and that there are those that while they claim they are attempting not to bother you actually are. 

Stalkers and the Web

There are those that will stalk others around the Internet claiming they are being stalked. Provoking someone is the same in reality or cyberspace. You cannot have a stalker while you are the one running to them, it is a physical impossibility. 

The Internet gives the option of never being face to face with your stalker, unless they truly are and hunt you down in real life. Stop following them to accuse them of stalking. Children under the age of five should be guided, all children should be guided adults (if they in fact are adults) should know better.

Well, there are a million things to take care of so I'll be off to do so.
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